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Buildings, Books and Beyond: Mechanics’ Worldwide Conference 2004

Proceedings of the an International Conference convened by the Mechanics' Institutes of Victoria at Swinburne University, Prahran Campus, Melbourne, Australia, 2-4 September 2004.



by Dr Frank Hurley


Opening Address

by Candy Broad, Minister for Local Government


Preliminary workshops: Mechanics' Institute Halls

Pam Baragwanath



Fred Green



Dick Ford & David Heale

Mechanics' Halls on Crown Land


Peter Pereyra

Building Compliance and Risk Management


Lorraine Huddle

Maintenance and Architecture


Richard Heyward

Web Publishing




Dr Robert Anderson

Mechanics' and Their Museums


Pam Baragwanath

Mechanics' Institute Libraries in Victoria, 1839-2004


Donald Barker

Politics and Personalities: The Victorian Government and Mechanics' Institutes, 1840-1860


Joan Beddoe

Schools of Arts and Technical Education in Queensland


Barrie Brennan

Researching Mechanics' Institute in Regional New South Wales


Merilyn Bryce

On the Wool Track with a Good Book: Shearers, Shedhands and Station Schools of Arts in New South Wales


Dr Geoffrey Burkhardt

Researching Historical Records of Mechanics' Institutes and Schools of Arts: The Local History Context


Inez Shor Cohen

The Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco: A 150th Anniversary Tapestry


Anne Doggett

Making a Difference: Music at the Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute


Dr Robert Draper

An Historical Setting for a Contemporary  Revival: Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution


Judith Dwyer

The Casey Collection of the Berwick Mechanics' Institute


Geoffrey Forster

The British Association of Independent Libraries


Dr Lisanne Gisbon

Mechanics, Gold and the Uses of Art


Ian Good

An Awesome Foursome: Four Notable Contributors to the History of Berwick Mechanics' Institute and Free Library


Professor Dane Gordon

Why did the Institute Survive? The Story of the Rochester Institute of Technology 1829-2004


Dr Adrian Haas

Floods, Debt and a Library: The Newstead Mechanics' Institute


Jennifer Hazelwood

Role of the Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute in the Cultural Life of Ballarat and the Education of Females, 1859-1901


Dr Anke Heins

Art in Schools of Arts: Inspirational Steps on a Personal Journey


Dr Helen Hewson

"An Intellectual Oasis?": Australian Writers Remember


Dr Frank Hurley

Useful Survival: Reflections on a Mechanics' Institute in the 21st Century


Professor Maria Curro Kreppel

An American Mechanics Melting Pot: Visionaries, Meatpackers and Machine Tool Makers, and Some Women who Seasoned Their Mix


Tom Lonsdale

The Marsden Mechanics': Luddites or Literacy or Gigs to Gigabytes in the Yorkshire Pennines


Jim Lowden

People of the Mechanics': Anderson, Birkbeck, Francis and Leonard Horner, Brougham, Pringle, Dupin, Holbrook, Howe, Ryerson, Woodward and Binns


Dr Keith Manley

From Workers' Libraries to Public Libraries


Dr Peter Mansfield

The Issue of Access


Dr David McKitterick

British Institutes and their Buildings


Catherine Milward-Bason

The Prahran Mechanics' Institute: A Noble Maturity


Dr Roger Morris and Lucy Bantermalis

Five Sydney Workingmen's Institutes


Ken Murphy and Bruce Draper

Arthurs Creek Mechanics' Institute and Free Library


Ivar Nelsen

Making Heritage Happen


Peter Pereyra and Lorraine Huddle

The Design of the Database of the Mechanics' Institutes of Victoria, with some Observations on the Scope of the Project and the Problems Encountered


Dr Stefan Petrow

High Water Mark of Learning: The Van Diemens Land Mechanics' Institute and John Lillie, 1838-1856


Mark Piel

History of the New York Society Library


Dr Peter Rushbrook

My Business was not with Lost Souls and the Underprivileged: The Contribution of Colin Badger (1906-1993) to Adult Education in Victoria, Australia


Dr Celestina Sagazio

Protecting and Funding our Mechanics' Institutes


Michael Scoble

The Plymouth Athenaeum


Dr George Suckarieh and Dr Muthar Al-Ubaidi

Architecture, Equipment and More: OMI Transition in Technology over 175 years


Peter Thompson

A 21st Century Database for a 19th Century Library


Erika Torri

Membership Libraries in the United States Today and the Founding of the Membership Libraries Group


Professor Alex Tyrrell

From Public Libraries to Mechanics' Institutes: An Early 19th Century Scottish Experiment


Alan Verity and Brenda Barnett

Bradford Mechanics' Institute


David Verran

Mechanics' Institutes in New Zealand


Marshall Mansborough

Planning for Change at Montreal's Atwater Library and Computer Centre: Building a Case for Support


Libby Webster

Tallarook, Where Things are No Longer Crook


Dr Richard Wendorf

Boston Athenaeum: Riding High


Peter Wolfenden

Movies at the Mechanics': More than Meets the Eye!


Christine Worthington

Strategies for Survival: Managing Mechanics' Institute Libraries



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